Improves digestive GI tract, normalizes bowel IBS, Acidity, Constipation & Gas movement and eases defecation. It also improves enzymatic activity. It’s effective in Balances digestive fire, detoxify intestines and Sluggish Liver function & impaired metabolism.

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Indication: IBS (Irregular Bowel Syndrome)
Acidity, Constipation, Gas, Flatulence,
Indigestion, Abdominal Pain.
Dosage: Take 1-2 capsules, twice a day or as suggested by your healthcare physician.
Keep 1-2 hours of gap between the capsules and food.
Contra-Indications: No
Side Effects: None Reported


Black Pepper 24 mg
White Jeera 10 mg
Hing 10 mg
Aloe Vera 48 mg
Haritaki 60 mg
Rose leaves 24 mg
Laung 10 mg
Ginger 60 mg
Sendha Salt 24 mg


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